Photography / Photoshop / Overlays / Logos
YouTube: HeightsLife

For new business, contact: paul@heightsphotographer.com
I create custom graphics for your Twitch stream or YouTube channel. 

My goal is to help content creators provide a professional appearance.  Attracting new viewers and maintaining a steady stream of follows. 

Email me with any inquiries and be sure to follow my stream on Twitch.tv so you can watch as I stream the creative process.
  1. Title Screens & Overlays
    Title Screens & Overlays
    Need title screens or overlays for your live stream? Let me create custom ones for you.
  2. Banners
    I create banners for all your social media outlets. Twitch / YouTube / Twitter Ask me about creating custom banners for you today.
  3. Logos
    I will work hard to create a logo you will be proud to use for your brand. Contact me today.